20 outubro 2009

To love you

If one day you shall ask
wether you were not worth the rhymes
Listen carefully, darling
Do you even know why do I write?

Every line,
a different feeling,
even when it seems to be the same.
Every novelty,
a moment that I shall never live again.

Did you already understand
what I am trying to say?
That between us
there is no moment
that shall pass or fade.

There is no between,
no need of ink
to make this remain.
There is only love
over and over again.

Mrs. John Dashwood

"In seasons of cheerfulness, no temper could be more cheerful than hers, or possess, in a greater degree, that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself. But in sorrow she must be equally carried away by her fancy, and as far as beyond consolation as in pleasure she was beyond alloy".

06 outubro 2009


Ultimamente sinto muita saudade.
Saudade do que tive,
do que tenho
do que quero ter.

Ultimamente a chuva não é a mesma,
nem o sol
nem mesmo a lua!

É que, ultimamente, eu sou a mesma
mas diferente.
Sou mais eu que nunca,

Sou sexta, domingo e segunda
Sou nada
mais do que poderia.

sou feliz!